On to the Sierras!

July 28 – 30, 2017

Delta, UT to Fallon, NV

Hwy 50 from Delta, UT to Fallon, NV is named the Loneliest Road in the US.  It is 410 miles from Delta to Fallon, and there are only two towns – Ely and Eureka.  So the highway lives up to its name!  It is two lane blacktop with no shoulders mostly.  Only occasionally do you see other vehicles.

Friday morning I pull out of Delta and head west on the Loneliest Road.  My destination for this evening is Silver Sky Lodge RV Park in Eureka, 230 miles.  The drive is across high desert country. There are numerous small mountain ranges that run north/south.  So you drive across a valley for maybe 10 to 20 miles.  Then you climb over a pass or summit that ranges from 4,500 ft to 7,000 ft in elevation.  That really got annoying after awhile and it was killing my gas mileage!



After about 150 miles I arrive in Ely.  This is the only town large enough to have a good grocery store.  So I make a stop for gas, then get groceries and fix some lunch.  This all takes a couple hours. But it is only another 80 miles or so to Eureka.  I don’t have a reservation at Silver Sky Lodge, so I am hoping they have a site when I arrive 🙂

After lunch it’s back on the road for the final leg to Eureka.  I arrive at the RV park mid afternoon and woohoo, they have a site!  This is a small RV park operated by the owner who is there on site.  He was very friendly and nice to chat with.  I got set up in my site which was a gravel pull thru.  Everything worked well and although the sites are pretty close together, it was nice enough and was very quiet.  It was perfect for a stopover place with full hookups for $25.

Saturday morning it was on to Fallon – about a 3 1/2 hour drive.  And another day of up and down over mountains and valleys.


Another mountain range to cross!

Just think how all the pioneers must have felt when they would cross over a pass, and then there ahead of them was another range.  Even though these aren’t anything like the Rockies, it would still be discouraging after awhile.  I would say I crossed at least 15!

One of the options for an overnight stay that many RVers make use of is casinos.  The majority allow RVs to stay in their parking lot and they have a section designated to park.  A lot of them are free to park and some charge a small fee.  Most offer dry camping only.   But my destination in Fallon was the Bonanza Casino and Inn.  It has sites with full hookups for $15 per night.  They don’t take reservations, it’s first come/first served.  So again I was hoping there would be a site open.

I arrived about 2pm and there was an end site open which was nice because the sites (really just a parking space) aren’t very wide.  I was really happy to get a site as it would be impossible to camp here without electric hookup to run AC.  It was about 105 degrees.  I got the Nash setup then went inside to register and pay for two nights.

I have a reservation at a campground in the Sierra Nevada mountains beginning July 31.  I have been moving pretty quickly because I wanted to be sure I got here in time.  So I planned to get to Fallon and then stay here 2 nights.  It is a good sized town with a Safeway, Ace Hardware and even a WalMart plus my bank has a branch here.  So I take care of a lot of business during these two days.

On Monday, it will be a short drive from here back up into the mountains!!


2 Comments on “On to the Sierras!

  1. Enjoying reading up on your adventures…my first visit to your website. And as I sit in my recliner after a long work day, I am jealous. I’m working for retirement and still have a few years to go, but hope to follow in your tracks someday.


    • Hi Cindy! Thanks for visiting my blog! For the couple years before I hit the road I was following bloggers who were fulltime and living vicariously through their writing and longing for the day when I would join their ranks. So I can relate to your situation. I also learned so much through reading blogs and forums which really helped me tremendously since I had never traveled in an RV before. Although I just started a few months ago, I love this life so far and am glad that I took this path.

      Best wishes to you as you work and plan for your retirement.


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