Just hangin’ out,

Settled in for the week

August 17 – 21, 2017

For the next week I am just hanging out at camp, relaxing, reading, etc.  It’s nice that I have good cell service here so I can get internet.  I do start getting antsy after a few days without being able to get online.

The weather is nice – some days in high 80s but that’s okay.  It cools off nicely at night for good sleeping.

On Friday I go into town to run some errands – grocery store, bank, gas, etc.  I’m keeping my gas tank topped off as there is talk of some stations running out of gas.  So far I haven’t seen that and the grocery stores are well stocked.

IMG_1315 (2)

The wind is coming from the west today, so it got pretty smoky.


There is a reservoir on the way to town where there is a county park.  On Sunday I take my lunch down and eat by the reservoir and go for a walk along the shore.  It was a nice afternoon and good to be by the water. It is so dry and dusty up in the hills.


Ochoco Reservoir

Finally, eclipse day is here!  A little before totality the sky started to get this alpenglow.


Just before totality

During totality, it got pretty dark!


I’m really glad I made the effort to get here to be able to see the total eclipse.  It was pretty spectacular!  Will probably not have the opportunity to see another one.

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