Craters Of The Moon National Monument

August 28, 2017

The campground at Craters of the Moon is first come, first served.  I thought there would be more sites available if I arrive on Monday instead of Sunday.  So that’s partly why I stayed at Silver Creek West last night.

I arrive at Craters around 11 and drive through the campground.  There are several sites available, many are pull thrus.  I pull into one on the outside of the loop.  It would be okay, but the people in the next site called out that they were leaving in about an hour.  I like that site better.  I thank them, and leave a chair at the site and go to the pay station to pay.  To allow them to finish loading up I went back to the visitors center and spent an hour there watching a video and browsing.  I sign up for a 3pm ranger interpretive hike to one of the caves.

Went back to the campground and they were just pulling away – perfect timing.


My campsite, with a lovely rock garden 🙂

After settling in I drive along the park road, stopping at Devils Orchard Nature Trail. I walk around the trail, then continue along the drive, stopping along the way.  I arrive at the trail for the ranger  hike.  The hike was very informative.  The ranger is a geologist and was previously a college professor.




The caves are actually lava tubes that have partially collapsed. The main room in Dewdrop Cave is at least 2 stories high.



The landscape here really does resemble something you would expect to see on the moon.  The black lava flow goes on for miles, as far as you can see.  Very unusual.  Tomorrow I continue my visit.



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