Where to go in Idaho?

Running around Boise..

August 26, 2017

Saturday morning I board I-84 and cross into Idaho.  I’m going to stop at Boise to buy some things that haven’t been available in the smaller towns I have passed through.  As I’m traveling along on 84, I see a Camping World store. I jump off at the next exit and drive back the couple miles.  I have a $20 coupon from when I joined the Good Sam Club.  I need to get an outdoor mat and want to check what they have.  I find one I like that is already on sale and with my coupon the total is $49.  Regular price was $99, woohoo.

Next, I need to go to a pet store that has Fussie Cat cat food.  This is what Misty eats and she is running low.  So I bring up the store in Google Maps and off I go.  It wasn’t too far and I am able to park in the small center where it is location.

I am heading into grizzly bear country so I need to buy some bear spray.  I head to the REI store.  Would you believe it, they were out!!  Said they had a mad rush the few days before the eclipse!  They said try Cabelas.  Went over there and they did have some.  It wasn’t the brand I wanted but went ahead and purchased it.  Hopefully the grizzlies don’t have a brand preference, haha!!  There was a Starbucks in the same center so dashed in there to get some Komodo Dragon beans, my current favorite.

Next, to the Fred Meyer for groceries and gas.  Then I went to the forest service office to get info on the national forest.  I park, walk to the door and they are closed.  Oh my gosh, it is Saturday!! This is a district office not a ranger office, so they aren’t open on weekends.  I totally did not even think about it being Saturday.  When you don’t work, it’s hard to keep track of what day of the week it is, I’m always having to check my phone.  Oh well.

Now it is about 2pm, I don’t know where I am going today.  The smoke here in Boise is awful.  What I have read online also says there is lots of smoke in the mountains.  I had thought of driving up 21 to Stanley and then back down 75 through Sun Valley.  I can’t decide whether to do that or go across Hwy 20.  I have to be in South Dakota mid September so I am also trying to work my schedule to be there at that time.  I finally decide to leave Hwy 21 for another time and I head east on I-84 and exit at Hwy 20 East.

I drive as far as the junction with Hwy 75.  There is a rest area here and I stop for the night.  There were a few other vehicles here and it was very quiet.  Early next morning I drive about 20 more miles to the east to the Silver Creek West fishing access.  There is free camping here.


P.S. Sorry for the lack of pics, I seem to have lost alot of my photos from the last week or so.  I must have accidentally deleted them.

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