Last Few Days at our Paria River Camp

Wednesday, May 2 to Friday, May 4

Wednesday turns out to be a very rainy day, so it is a good day to go to the library in Page. All my devices have updates that need to be installed, for which I need wifi. I spend about three hours in the library and then run by Safeway for a couple items. As I’m driving home, the rain is fairly heavy.  The road leading to camp goes through a good size wash. When I get to it there is a few inches of water running. The BLM has installed some type of rubber matting in the wash so there is good traction and I drive through with no problem. Without the matting that wash would be a mess every time it rains as there is a fair amount of traffic on this road. 

I had planned to leave on Thursday for my next destination, which is Bryce Canyon National Park. But I decide to wait a day to let the roads dry out. Also, the Weather Channel app shows low temp in Bryce below freezing with some snow on Thursday night.  Friday the weather starts warming up there.

There is a sandstone feature about a half mile from camp called The Nautilus. I have been meaning to hike over there since I’ve been here but haven’t gotten around to it. This evening after dinner and dishes, I head over.  It is a short walk up a wash.  There is a large area of white sandstone, it almost looks like poured concrete. The water has eroded out the sandstone into the shape of a seashell which one can walk through. It’s pretty neat.


Looking at the entrance to the Nautilus


About half way up


Looking back at the entrance


Looking down from the top


On the top


Colors in the sandstone


Looking up

I’m really glad I did this short hike. It was definitely worth it to see The Nautilus.  And it was a nice walk to wrap up my time at this camp.

There are a few flowers starting to bloom here and there.


Emory’s Globemallow


Yucca blooming

I think this has been Misty’s favorite camp also.  She has gotten very brave in wandering around. She loves exploring in the wash.


Misty exploring her wash

And in this downed tree…she has no idea there are snakes and things out there that will harm her.


Inside a downed tree trunk!

Usually Misty will let me direct her where to go, but today she was a bad girl. After the rain yesterday the wash was very muddy, so I didn’t want her to go across. When I walked along side to keep her away she took off running to get by me!


After a while she finally came back to our side.

Thursday evening there were still some rain clouds scattered around, which made for another colorful sunset on our last night here on the Paria.  Tomorrow we are off to the mountains, yay!!


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