A week in Buena Vista


June 29 to July 6, 2017

Buena Vista

The check in time at Snowy Peaks RV Park is 1pm.  So when I drove on down to Buena Vista I went to the City Market grocery store and to the True Value hardware to do some shopping while trying to kill some time.  When I finished it was still only 10am.  So I called the park to see if they might let me check in early.  My site was available and they were kind enough to give the okay for early check in.  With help from the wonderful staff I got backed into my site and all set up with no major events – yippee!!

When I left Denver, I had brought along the stuff that I thought I would need for the next 3 weeks.  So the truck was jam packed!!  I spent the next 3 days sorting thru everything, moving items that needed to be in the trailer and trying to get organized.  It was quite a job!  I was only partially successful with the get organized part 🙂

Cottonwood Pass

I did also get some time to take a drive up to Cottonwood Pass which is beautiful.  There is nothing like the Colorado high county!


Pond is still frozen



Midland Hills

Another day I drove up into the Midland Hills to explore some boondock sites.  There are some awesome views looking from the ridge top west to the Collegiate Peaks.


Mt. Princeton


The views are great but the road going up to the ridge top is mostly one lane with nowhere to pull over.  So if two vehicles meet, someone will have to back up.  Fun!!

The couple work kamping at the park were in a site right across the lane from me.  So I got to know them a little bit while I was here.  On 4th of July we sat out at the front of the park along with some other campers and watched the fireworks.  It was a very nice display.

I had paid for my site thru the 6th with plans to leave that morning to drive to Westcliffe for the bluegrass festival.  But I decided to leave the afternoon of the 5th and drive to Salida.  I wanted to get an early start to get to Westcliffe before the campground started filling up and it would be more difficult to back into a site.  So I ended up spending the night of the 5th in the Walmart parking lot in Salida.  My first Walmart stay!!  And it was very hot without any shade.

So that wrapped up my week in Buena Vista, and my first week in my new tiny house 🙂

2 Comments on “A week in Buena Vista

  1. Debra, I love your blog so far. The pictures are awesome. We can’t wait to see you.


    • Joyce, thanks for the feed back, I’m glad you like it!

      I was planning to message you this morning. I’m heading out of Santa Rosa NM shortly to start the drive to FL. It’s a LONG way! Look forward to seeing you & Dorty while I’m there.


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