Exploring Ferndale

August 8-9, 2017

Tuesday is a stay at home day for me.  I was a little tired from the activity of the last few days and the long drive yesterday.  And it is rainy here today.  I’m still working on getting organized and figuring out the best storage arrangement for stuff, etc.  So that’s pretty much what I did today.  My campsite is very quiet.  I’m on the end of the row and looking out my back window is pasture land.

On Wednesday, I take a drive into Ferndale to explore the town.  If you like old Victorian storefronts and homes, then you would love this little town!  It has the best preserved and largest number of structures I believe I have ever seen in one town.  I took lots of pictures and it’s hard to choose which ones to include as they are all gorgeous!


Love the brick red color







Lovely bed & breakfast…


…with a beautiful garden where guests can relax


The town also has a nice museum that one can visit for $2.  They have a large collection old tools, utensils, wringer washing machines, blacksmith tools, period clothing, and so forth.  And of course exhibits about the history and early years of the town.

I enjoyed visiting the town of Ferndale and I would recommend anyone visiting this area take a day or two to explore here.

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