Fremont, CA then to the Coast


August 3 – 6, 2017

Thursday afternoon I arrive at the location for the solar install.  By arriving Thursday, they will be able to get an early start first thing Friday morning.  I stayed in the Nash Thursday night.

Friday I met with the installer to discuss all the details.  Then I gathered clothing and other things I would need through the weekend and Misty and I went to a nearby hotel where we would stay Friday and Saturday night.  Hotels are very expensive in this area (as is everything in California!), so it was nice that I was able to use a free night that I had from

The three days here were very stressful.  I really don’t know how people can live in these conditions.  The traffic, so many people, the high prices, etc.  I guess that’s why so many Californians are moving to Colorado!

I did drive over to Half Moon Bay on Saturday morning, but the fog was so heavy you couldn’t even see the water.  And the beach itself wasn’t very attractive so I didn’t even take any photos.

The install was completed by Sunday afternoon, so Misty and I were able to move back into the Nash.  Misty did better in the hotel this time, but she still didn’t like it too much.  She has adjusted very well to living in the Nash, which I’m happy about.  I wasn’t sure how she would do.

North towards the coast

August 7, 2017

Monday morning we headed out of Fremont, yippee!!!  I was SO glad to leave this city behind.  We took the 680 to CA 12, which would take us thru Napa. The 680 is probably the worst interstate I’ve ever driven on.  It was rough and bouncy.  And a $20 toll for this.   I was very disappointed in the part of Napa Valley I saw.  It was very developed and the Hwy was narrow with no pull offs.  So didn’t get any pictures.  It may be nicer if one gets off the main highway onto the local roads.  So we went on thru Napa Valley, taking 128 north where we would join the 101.  The drive through the northern wine regions of Sonoma and the Russian River was nicer than Napa.  But there were no pull offs anywhere!  The only way one could make a stop was to exit into one of the towns along the way.

The plan was to drive just north of Ukiah to Lake Mendocino.  Here there are two US Army Corp of Engineers campgrounds on the Lake that have electric and water hookups.  There is also a campground without hookups, but it is way too hot to camp without electric to run the AC.  From here I could explore the surrounding wine country.

It was early afternoon when we arrived at Lake Mendocino.  Well surprise!  Both of the campgrounds with electric were closed.  I had checked the COE website and no mention was made that the campgrounds were closed.  I did not call however so I guess that was a mistake.

I took a break at an overlook above the lake to look at the map to see what we would do now.  We couldn’t stay in the interior without electric, just too hot.  So I decided to push on to the coast.

We continued north on the 101 where we came to Ferndale, CA.  The Humboldt County Fairgrounds is located here and they have an RV Park with dry camping for $12/night.  We arrived there about 5pm and paid for 3 nights, which is their limit.

There is a beach just about 5 miles west of town.


Centerville Beach County Park

I have always been a play it by ear kind of traveler.  I don’t like to make reservations/plans way in advance.  So that’s the way I am traveling.  Usually I don’t make a final decision on where I’m going until the day before I travel.  I like the flexibility this gives.  If I want to stay longer at a location I can.  Or if I find I don’t want to spend as much time there, then I can move on!  But that also means one has to be flexible and go with the flow.  Today was one of those days!  But it all worked out and I ended up in a very nice little town.

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