Heading to Wyoming to find a Labor Day camp

Monday, Aug 30 to Sunday, Sept 3, 2017

It’s a nice sunny morning when I pull out of Craters of the Moon continuing east on Hwy 20 to Idaho Falls. I find a Fred Meyer grocery store where I shop and get gas. Continue east on Hwy 26 through the Swan Valley – a very pretty drive.  Soon I cross into Wyoming and at Hoback Junction turn east on Hwy 189.  While doing research for potential camps in this area I found information on the Granite Creek Recreation Area.  There is dispersed camping and also a forest service campground in the valley.

I turn north on the road into the Granite Creek valley.  It is a beautiful valley, but it is very smoky from the wildfires.


Entering Granite Creek valley

There are supposed to be several dispersed camping areas along the creek before reaching the forest service campground.  I continue up the road to check them out.  Unfortunately I find the locals have left their trailers or tents in the best areas to hold the sites.  There wasn’t a single vehicle at the sites!

It is about seven miles to the FS campground.  About a mile before the campground there is a large open area right on the creek.  There is only one class B type RV there. I pull in and walk the area to decide where to park.  The couple in the class B is outside so I go over to talk to them.  Turns out they are from Sweden and had their RV shipped to the US.  They are wrapping up a six month stay.  They actually have the best spot here and since they are only going to be here tonight, I situate my rig so I am level but don’t unhook.  After they leave on Thursday I move over there and set up camp.  My intention is to stay here until Tuesday.  It’s a good thing this spot was open.  Later when I drive up the road to check out the falls I find out dispersed camping isn’t allowed beyond this point.

IMG_1352 (Large)

My front porch

I am set up in a small area that extends off the main camping area.  It is obvious this is a very popular spot for horse campers.  So I want to leave the main area open for them.  I fully expect there will be others here for the long Labor Day weekend.  Hopefully quiet people 🙂

After getting set up I go for a drive further up the road.  Taking a spin through the FS campground, almost all of the sites are heavily treed which wouldn’t work for me as I need some full sun for the batteries to charge.  And there are only a few sites big enough for the Nash.

Just past the campground is Granite Creek Falls.


Granite Creek Falls

Sure enough, Thursday afternoon some folks pull in with a horse trailer with living quarters.  I watch as they go about setting up their camp, putting up a high line, unloading the horses, etc.  They are over on the other side of the camping area from me.  I walk over to say hello and introduce myself.  They are local folks who come here to deer hunt each year and this weekend they are going up to start setting up their camp. I didn’t stay long as they were busy but they invited me to join them later on around the campfire.


I did end up visiting with them in the evenings and it was nice to have some company.  One downside to boondocking is quite often there is no cell coverage.  I depend on my Verizon cell service for internet, and I get antsy when I can’t go online for several days.  Isn’t that awful!

I’m about 30 miles from the town of Jackson.  Friday I decide to drive into town.  I get right to the edge of Jackson before there is cell service.  While I am in town, I want to catch up on emails, go to the forest service office & visitors center to get info to help me decide where I am going next, do some sightseeing, and maybe eat out.

It is very smoky here in town.  The Tetons are just visible from the highway which is roughly 10 miles away.


I don’t do tourist photos often….

IMG_1359 (2)

I had an enjoyable day here, about 3pm I head home.

Saturday and Sunday I hang out in camp, read, visit with my neighbors and go for walks.  There are hiking trails here but there are grizzly bears in this area.  I am a little nervous about hiking alone in grizzly country.  I think if I lived here and was more familiar with the area, I would do it.  But I’m hesitant right now.  Also, it has been very hot during the day, although it cools down at night.  Guess I’m a wimp!


It has gotten much smokier here also

I was planning to stay until Tuesday morning, but I decide to leave in the morning and go to a campground in Grand Teton National Park.

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