Chilling Out Back at Kofa

Thursday, January 25

This morning I bid farewell to my friends Scott and Cindy as we depart our camp in Quartzite for our next destinations.  I am headed south on Hwy 95 towards Yuma, but will stop back at Kofa NWR for a few days before hitting the city.

It’s only about 25 miles to King Rd where I turn east towards the Wildlife Refuge.  I find a campsite on the south side of the road just across from where I camped with the RV Forum group previously.  I’m a little close to the road, but facing away towards a small mountain and nice views.


There isn’t much traffic on the road, so I’m not bothered by it.  Kofa is one of the quietest, most peaceful places where I have camped up to this point in my travels.  The last three weeks were a little hectic, and I’m still decompressing from the amount of travel I did the last few months.  Ah, it’s nice to spend a few days here again. I keep a log of my fuel expenses, miles driven, etc.  From July to December, I averaged 2,088 miles per month!  That is WAY too much driving and I don’t expect to continue that in the future.

I hang the hummingbird feeder by the window and attract one little hummer.


Misty is entertained.


During the days I’m here, I mostly read some books on my Kindle app, catch up with some chores and that sort of thing. You know, everyday life stuff that we all do.

The sky has been on fire the last couple nights.  Enjoying a beautiful sunrise or sunset never gets old it seems.  I love them all!



6 Comments on “Chilling Out Back at Kofa

  1. Gorgeous sunset. And love the hummer at the feeder. We really liked Kofa too, but only stayed two nights last year. And yes, more than 2,000 miles a month is crazy, isn’t it. I think we put 5,000 on in three months, and that felt nuts.


    • Hi Martha! Thanks for stopping by my blog. 5000 miles in 3 months is crazy also, haha. Glad you were able to spend a couple nights at Kofa. And know that you all have been in my prayers daily and will continue to be.


    • Hi decemberfourth, welcome and glad you enjoy my blog. As I was preparing to hit the road I was in the same place, reading about other bloggers travels and anticipating the start of my own journey. Good luck with the purchase of your RV!


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  2. That’s a great looking campsite. How is your upgraded battery/solar system working for you? Sorry but I’m a tech geek and like reading about that stuff. Do you rely solely on the water tank in your RV or do you carry extra water in the back of your truck? Thanks.

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    • Hi Brian, glad you asked about my solar system. I’m a little bit of a techy also 😀

      I did ok with just the two batteries as long as I had sunny days. They charged to 100% everyday. And I have enough solar panels that I could run my laptop all day, etc and the input from the panels kept the batts at 100%.

      My concern was if I had a few overcast days in a row. The two batts didn’t give me much reserve. So far there has only been sunny days, so the system hasn’t been tested yet to see how it will perform. So the jury is still out on that.

      The other difference is I didn’t want to use the microwave with just two batteries. With the four I could run it a few minutes if I wanted to. I seldom use a microwave though.

      Between the water heater and fresh water tank I have 50 gallons. I find that is sufficient so I don’t have any auxiliary tanks.


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