Overton NV & Valley of Fire

From Organ Pipe, I worked my way north.  I had planned to stop in the Lake Havasu City area for a couple days.  However the two camping areas I had in mind on the north side of town were too crowded.  And after already driving through the city, I decided just to continue on north to Overton, NV where I plan to stay for a couple weeks or so.

I’m camped just a few miles south of town in the Poverty Flats dispersed camping area.


Misty out for her morning stroll.  She is very comfortable at this camp so she does alot of exploring.



Friday, March 16

On Friday I visited the Valley of Fire State Park which is just a few miles away.  This was Nevada’s first state park and it is absolutely beautiful.  It is a large area of predominantly red sandstone set in the middle of mostly grayish mountains.




The drive to the visitors center passes by the Seven Sisters picnic area.  There are picnic tables tucked in between the rocks, making a very nice area.  When I passed by in the afternoon, someone was setting up for an outdoor wedding in the site on the very western end.  What a picturesque location that would be!


Seven Sister

After a quick stop at the visitors center, I drove up White Dome Road and stopped to hike a few of the trails.

One of the most well known features of the park is what is known as The Wave.  It is a short hike off the road to a large expanse of sandstone with multi-hued layers of rock.




At the end of the road, there is a picnic area and the trailhead for the Prospect Trail.  Here there are also beautiful sandstone formations with little caves with bright colors of red, pink, yellow.



After exploring around for a while, I headed back down the road and stopped to hike out the Rainbow Vista trail.  Then a little further on, the Mouse’s Tank Trail, which has petroglyphs. There are alot of petroglyphs along this trail, some very high up on the walls.  A Lot of them are weathered quite a bit though, showing how much the sandstone erodes.




Me practicing taking a selfie – I’m not very good at it 🙂


Back at the main road, I continued west to Atlatl Rock.  There are more petroglyphs here that are better preserved.  Unfortunately, they have been defaced by ignoramuses.


They are now behind fencing to prevent further vandalism.

I spent the full day here at the park and thoroughly enjoyed it.  It is a very beautiful area with all the formations and sandstone colors.  If you are ever in the area I highly recommend a stop here.  The entry fee is $10 per day.  Also there are two campgrounds for those wanting to spend more time.


Arch Rock

2 Comments on “Overton NV & Valley of Fire

  1. Deb, great pics of your hike and, your selfie is really cute!
    I’ve signed up for the beet harvest and will be in ND near Fargo. Hope to see you there, if not sooner
    Take care and safe travels

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