Holiday Greetings

To all those who have read and followed my blog over the last few years, thank you!

The last couple years, beginning with the pandemic were a big change from my first three years of RVing. I was traveling very little and some other things. This made it difficult for me to write posts. The upcoming year I feel will be a new beginning, including getting back to posting to the blog.

Thanks to those who continued to check in, it was very much appreciated!

To all of you, may you have a Merry Christmas, and may 2023 be a year full of blessings and adventure!

6 Comments on “Holiday Greetings

    • Hi Robin, thanks! I have thought about you and wondered if you had made it to AZ. We continue to spend the winter in AZ. Have been in Tucson, but heading to Yuma area right after New Years.


  1. Looking forward to the new adventures and pictures (especially your excellent bird pictures:)


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