Santa Rosa Lake SP

Saturday, October 28

It’s chilly this morning – about 28°, brrrr!  I eat a quick breakfast and then break camp to drive down to Santa Rosa Lake State Park.  Santa Rosa is on I-40 which is the route I will take when I start on my way to Florida Monday morning.  Since it is a little further south, it will also be somewhat warmer.

I arrive around 11am and drive to the one campground that is open.  The B loop is closed.  Only the A loop is open and it is electric/water sites which I don’t want.  But I’ll go ahead and drive through.  Every site is taken or is only available for one night.  Also there is some motorcycle club having a meetup here and there are about 30 Harleys parked on the loop road! I could barely get through. Now I like motorcycles, but I don’t really want to hear 30 of them firing up all at once where I am camping!!!  So this is definitely out!

I drive back to the visitors center to inquire about the primitive camping area.  I don’t need hookups, but I do need to fill my freshwater tank.  The park employee tells me there is a water faucet in the primitive camping area.  Excellent!  I head over there to investigate.

At this park the primitive camping is basically pull off alongside the road and there is a picnic table on a path about 30 yards away.  No shelter or fire ring.  Not the greatest but I just need a spot for a couple nights until I head out on Monday.  So I make use of the water spigot then find a spot down at the end of the road.  There were two other campers here. I was level front to back so since I’m not planning to go out of the park, I don’t need to unhook.  I don’t like this park as much as Storrie Lake.  The only positive is they do have a functioning dump station.  So on the way in I emptied the gray tank.  Now I can take a full shower and not worry about the tank.  I will empty again when I leave. And the fee is covered by my annual camping pass.

Neither the developed campground nor the primitive camping area have access to the lake – in the photo below you can just see the lake in the background.


There were lots of birds and also butterflies!


When I am going to be traveling for a few days in a row, I like to cook something that will give me leftovers to eat for a couple days.  So I made a big pot of pasta sauce and grilled some veggies to go in it.  I have enough sauce for a couple more meals.

2 Comments on “Santa Rosa Lake SP

  1. You’ve probably passed it by now but if you like quirky road art and are traveling I40, just before Amarillo TX there’s the Cadillac ranch to see. Also a stop at the Mid point café is in order for a traditional piece of pie. The best part of I40 route is getting off it and leisurely traveling as much as you can of the old 2 lane Route 66. Seeing America as it was in a bygone era.


    • Thanks for those suggestions, but yes I was beyond Amarillo. I agree about driving on the interstates and avoid as much as I can. I got off I40 in Amarillo and will take US highways rest of way


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