Deb's RV Travels


February 5th to 25th Tuesday morning I depart Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, driving about 30 miles north to the town of Ajo. Ajo is a lovely town with a large winter snowbird population.

Thursday, February 22 Since I am hanging around in southern Arizona this winter in order to avoid really cold weather, I’m finding that the pace of life is much slower.  After being on the go so much last year, it is a nice change.

Wednesday, February 14 After driving down thru Organ Pipe and realizing how far it is from Why, I revise my plans for the next couple weeks.  Its 60 miles round trip down to the areas where the scenic drives and trails are.  Too far to drive back and forth.  So I decide to spend a week or ten days in the Ajo area and then move down to the campground in the… Read More

February 10, Saturday This morning I get on the road at 10am PT, but since I’m heading east, after about 10 miles I enter mountain time zone, and promptly lose an hour. 😦  There are a couple things I need to pick up at Fry’s so I exit at Fortuna Road. The Shell station next door has a dump station and is my next stop.  The fee is a very reasonable $5.00. … Read More